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Italy Gourmet Holiday: 8 Days
Experience Calabria on one of our fabulous Italy holidays! Amazing views, herbal scents, romantic towns and diverse culinary delights await you in Tropea, Vibo Valentina and Capo Vaticano!
Aeolian Islands Cruise: 8 Days
The Aeolian Islands are a group of seven volcanic islands, a unique adventure on Italy tours. Explore Lipari with us - the largest of the Aeolians, with two beaches on either side - Marina Lunga and Marina Corta!
Italy Walking Holiday: 8 Days
Capo Vaticano is one of the most prestigious areas in Italy for natural beauty. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of this region and explore the lush hills of the countryside in this unique walking tour!
Aspromonte Walking Holiday: 8 Days
Italy tours to the Aspromonte National Park will impress you with spectacular wilderness, magnificent panoramic views, waterfalls and wild rivers running through its picturesque landscape!
Italy Cycling: 8 Days
Discover the Mediterranean coast and ancient villages of Calabria. The region has to be one of the most beautiful areas - stunning coastal roads & mountain ranges which are perfect for bike tours!
Italy Self Drive Holiday: 8 Days
There is no place on earth like Calabria. Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Byzantines, Normans, French, and Spanish - they all left a multi-layered history that is unique. Explore this region by car!
Italy individual Aspromonte trekking & Rental car tour
Explore Pietra Cappa, Tre Pizzi and Mount S. Elia in the Aspromonte N.P. - superb walking territory, with welcoming locals and a serious lack of intrusion from the tourism of other Italy tours!
Italy Tour incl. Verona, Como, Milan & San Marino: 1 Week
Italy means fabulous art, ancient ruins, remarkable architecture and landscape. On this tour, get a taste of what Italy has to offer and explore Venice, Milan, Rome and the world's oldest existing republic - San Marino!
Italy Tour incl. Verona, Como & Milan: 6 Days
Italy serves up great scenery, historic monuments and fabulous food and wine on a silver platter. A centre for art and architecture - enjoy Florence, Venice and Lake Como on this tour!
Italy Tour incl. Rome: 6 Days
The art and culture of Italy has been admired worldwide for centuries. Go beyond the usual Italy tours experience and enjoy the uniqueness of cities like Rome, Florence and Venice!
Italy Tour incl. Montepulciano: 5 Days
Tuscany’s countryside has been immortalised on countless canvasses throughout the centuries. Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - visit them both on our tour!
Italy Tour incl. Bologna: 5 Days
Northern Italy combines the sophisticated urbanity of Western Europe with the “Dolce Vita” of Mediterranean life. Visit Florence, Rome, Venice and stroll through the many arcades of Bologna on these northern Italy tours!
Sicily Tour: 5 Days
A sun-blessed holiday destination and a timeless land of regional charm, Sicily is an island of many wonders. Join us on one of the Mediterranean's most fascinating and experience Sicilian hospitality!
Hiking Tour of Mont Blanc: 15 days
Alps tours by SC Adventures! Check out our new tour of Mont Blanc...Travel Italy and France, meet the locals and witness dramatic mountain scenery!
Tuscany Cycling Holiday: 8 Days

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