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Cuba Dancing Holidays

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"Baila Cuba - Explore Cuba Dancing"

On these Cuba dancing holidays you will learn to dance Salsa in the morning and become aquainted with Cuba in the afternoon! You will be guided through the Salsa course by your personal Cuban dance partner so that you will easily be able to adapt to the unique Cuban rhythms after a few steps. Together with your tour guide see the vibrant metropolis of Havana by day and night. A visit to fascinating Trinidad will make the perfect end of your trip.

Cuba Dancing Holidays - Highlights


Havana with Old 1950s American Cars

Havana is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in the world. The old part of the city is located at the port entrance. It is famous for its narrow streets, old houses with patios and colonial architecture. It is also known for its parks, plazas and glamorous streets, such as the famed Calle Obispo. Havana's nightlife is just as good, if not better than, the nightlife in the major North and South American cities. For an irresistible experience, visit Bodeguita del Medio, where Hemingway, Salvador Allende and Fidel Castro used to sip on their Daiquiris and Mojitos. By the way, Hemingway was a frequent guest at the hotel Ambos Mundos. You can see his original hotel room, number 511, which contains a typewriter and a bottle of whiskey.

Playas del Este

Playas del Este Havana Beaches Boca Ciega Santa Maria del Mar Cuba

In Playas del Este, there are several beautiful beaches located 20km east of Havana. The nearest beach is Bacuranao, about 15km east of the city. The nicest beaches, you will find in Santa Maria del Mar, which are also the most tourist-oriented and busiest beaches in Havana. Boca Ciega is situated 27km from Havana, and 3km further is Playa Guanabo. Near Alamar there is a beautiful beach called Mar Azul, where you will mainly find locals.



This city is considered to be one of Cuba’s main attractions. The traffic free, colonial district with its colourful houses and old, massive cobblestone streets crown the city and our considered a major high point. You can admire interesting details of colonial architecture when walking through the streets around Plaza Mayor. Especially famous are the high windows with their skilfully carved wooden bars that were replaced last century by iron bars. These rejas invite the energetic street life into the house, rather than excluding it. Around Plaza Mayor, the most elegant square in Cuba, stand the city palaces of Trinidad’s richest families: Iznagas, Ortiz and Brunete, which are now museums.

"I had a fabulous vacation in Cuba! Taking the afternoon Salsa classes was an ideal complement to my mornings lazing by the pool of my hotel reading all the books that had been put on hold in the last few months..."

- Marilyn Talbot. Salsa Dance Holiday in Havana, Cuba, 2013

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