NEW Brighton Travel Writers & Bloggers Society!

We are starting a new group (“society”, “collective”) for all you Brighton and Sussex-based travel writers and bloggers out there. Whether you’re a wannabe or a pro, come along for workshops, chats about travel and writing, and simply to hang out with local contacts and like-minded souls.

We’ve realised that there are not many (if any!) creative spaces where travel writers and bloggers in Brighton can come together to meet and share ideas, so we are reaching out to create a new community that will help to strengthen the local blogging and travel writing scenes.

Travel blogging and its importance is on the rise, with companies and businesses beginning to realise the benefits of working with writers who have experienced certain things and are, most of all, human.

What to expect from the Brighton Travel Writers & Bloggers Society:

Writing Workshops

Two (or three or four…) heads are better than one, right? Bring along a blog post or some of your writing to get help, advice and praise from your contemporaries. All it can take to create an explosive post is to get a different perspective, and we will have those by the bucket load!

Blog Workshops and Advice

Similarly to the writing workshops, why not show our willing community your blog and posts for some constructive feedback? A blog is a very personal platform and it can be hard opening it up to the outside world. But, with a little help and a massive confidence boost it can be a truly rewarding process.

General meet and greet and fun times

Come along and meet some friendly new faces to get chatting to!

Networking Opportunities

Networking is such a daunting word, but simply meeting other travel writers and bloggers is networking (and a lot of fun). You never know what opportunities might arise!

Help setting up travel blogs

For the beginner bloggers and those who are interested but intimidated, we can help! All you have to do is take the first steps, and we will be right there alongside you.

SEO tips and advice from industry professionals

Search Engine Optimisation – no one likes it, but it can be a great way to get traffic to your site and boost your Google rankings. It doesn’t have to be hard either and we can offer some easy tips and tricks to get you off the ground.

Get published online!

Find places to get published online with the help of the group. In addition, having a group of people all with a blog or site makes for many more platforms to showcase your work! Plus, we have a ton of great quality travel blogs we’d be happy to publish your guest posts on.

Strengthen your blog with links from other quality travel blogs

Create a supportive group with others who can help promote your blog and offer different kinds of audiences.

Guest posting opportunities

Guest posting is a great way to expose yourself to new audiences by getting your name out there and meeting likeminded bloggers and writers is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Meet local connections

Local connections are great, whether it’s fellow bloggers and writers to collaborate with or local businesses and companies to pitch to because they are, well, right on your doorstep!

Travel chat

But most of all, come along for the chats and discussions about travel, books, blogs, writing, and whatever else tickles your fancy.

So, if you’re hanging out in Brighton or “greater Sussex” and have an interest in travel, writing and/or blogging then come along and check us out!


The Brighton Travel Writers & Bloggers Society takes place on the third Thursday of every month @ 6pm @ The Hope, 11 Queens Road, Brighton (just down the road from Brighton Station).

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This Brighton travel writing/blogging group is run by Lizzie and/or Roy of Holiday-n-Adventure, a Brighton-based travel company. If you have any questions or would like to let us know you’ll be coming, just leave a comment below or call 01273 201430.

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